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November 11 2013

November 02 2013


October 28 2013



She is an embodiment of perfection. Her face - so fulgent and good - gives a smile to my soul, her covetous lips bite my entrails in the most enticing way, arms embrace deepest film of my skin and choke my throat, when it wants to scream words she could not endure for its tantalizinig coarseness, those eyes leading up and down on me, inside out. Her words will be stuck in a cave of my brain - sentences drilling my mind and bruising my inteligence. Her personality crushes my bones and hits me to the core. Natural beauty of body, heart and mind. Only those, who thrill us, deserve to be present in our lives. Overwhelm me, I crave to be a slave.
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May 28 2013

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that's the good one (;
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January 20 2013

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December 27 2012

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“A friend of mine found this old photograph in a shoe box in his Grandmother’s attic. On the back was written… Aunty Mary and her “friend” Ruth, 1910. I wonder if those quotation marks imply what I think they do, by the look on their faces, I would say they do”

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Lip Serivce
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November 02 2012

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October 23 2012

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August 26 2012

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August 16 2012

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Blac Swan never will get boring.
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August 08 2012

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August 07 2012

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